Our Partners

Lorne Rapkin

Lorne services clients from a variety of industries including financial services (hedge funds and their related management companies), real estate, automotive, professional services, manufacturing and media. He also works closely with investment and public companies complying with IFRS accounting standards.

As the trusted advisor for his clients, Lorne puts their interests first and ensure their goals are being met whether through tax planning initiatives or financial model building. When advising clients, Lorne provides professional opinions coupled with business acumen. Coming from an entrepreneurial background, Lorne has the experience to assist clients with making critical decisions.

Jason Wein

Jason has over twenty years of experience providing audit, accounting and tax services to small and mid-sized privately-held companies in various industries, with a focus on condominium corporations, real estate and construction, manufacturing and distribution.

Jason has an eye for detail and a commitment to proactive and timely communication. He goes beyond expectations by providing valuable recommendations to help clients pay less tax, protect their assets and achieve their business and personal goals.

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